ERC organizations have similar CONCERNS:

Our political system is broken.

• Special interest groups, corporations, contributors, and lobbyists have way more influence on legislators than the public.

The dysfunction and gridlock in Congress and in many state capitols is a result of a deeply flawed election system and unlimited campaign spending. 

The average citizen no longer has a voice; only funders do. 

The Supreme Court will likely continue to overturn campaign finance laws, as 5 of the 9 Justices equate money as speech. 

• 82% of US House of Reps. and 94% of US Senate elections are won by the candidate/Independent Expenditure Committee that spends the most money. 

Trying to fight money with money is not sustainable. 

ERC organizations have similar GOALS:

Overturn Citizens United. 

• Elevate the voice of the public.

• Reclaim and upgrade our democracy.

Reform the way campaigns are funded, so that our representatives are dependent on We the People, not the campaign funders.

• Improve the election system to create voter equality, access, and choice. 

Pass Constitutional Amendments that clarify that money is not speech, allowing local, state, and federal agencies to implement laws that limit contributions and expenditures from people and ALL artificial entities (e.g. corporations, unions, non profits, Super PACs, and Independent Expenditure committees). 

But...we're not achieving the needed reforms because we're working independently against more powerful, more organized, and better funded groups who support the status quo.

The Solution:

• Work collaboratively.

• Support each other's mobilization efforts.

• Build a strong coalition to achieve our collective goals.

How can we transform our democracy?

 There's an App for that... an Article V Convention! 

Click here to download the white paper "OVERTURN CITIZENS UNITED". 
Read how State Legislatures can deliver the solution through an Article V Convention.


How to join the ERC:

Fill out a short form with your request to join the ERC or let us know if you have any questions.
If you want to learn more about the ERC, you can refer to the ABOUT page. 


What's ahead for the ERC:

1. Build the coalition, and come to an agreement on principles, goals, and strategies.

2. Ask state legislatures to call for an Article V Convention (AVC). 2/3 of the states (34 total) need to pass resolutions calling for an AVC. So far, VT, CA, IL, and NJ have passed resolutions. Several other states have passed the resolution in one of their legislative bodies, and will vote for final passage of the resolution in the other legislative chamber in the coming weeks. 30 more states are needed. All will be asked. Courageous legislators are needed to introduce the resolutions. 

3. Highlight and support the state legislators that have introduced the resolutions, and increase the political pressure on legislators to go on record to vote for an AVC resolution (using bold strategies, TBD by the Coalition).